Some useful tools for your Bible study.

King James Bible

A compressed (zip) file with three versions of the King James Bible (epub, mobi, html).


World English Bible

A compressed (zip) file with three versions of the World English Bible (epub, mobi, html).


A Study of the King James Bible

The Greatest English Classic: A Study Of The King James Version Of The Bible And Its Influence On Life And Literature


Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary

A one volumn commentary covering both Old Testament and New Testament

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Smith's Bible Dictionary

PDF - 7.8MB, almost 900 pages


Bible Reading Plan

A 366 day plan to read the entire Bible - view online

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Daily Meditation

PDF - a years worth of daily "meditations" from the Bible


Letters to the Seven Churches

"analysis" of the 7 letters to the 7 churches in the book of Revelations (published 1904): from the Preface: "In the contact of East and West originates the movement of history. The historical position of Christianity cannot be rightly understood except in its relation to this immemorial meeting and conflict. The present book is based on the view that Christianity is the religion which associates East and West in a higher range of thought than either can reach alone, and tends to substitute a peaceful union for the war into which the essential difference of Asiatic and European character too often leads the two continents."


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